Shalelu Andosana

Elven huntress who guards the Sandpoint Hinterlands


Shelalu is a tall and deceptively slight elf with intense grey eyes. Her hair is a perfect golden blonde, pulled back so as not to obstruct her vision. Her clothes are weathered, but not dirty. She wears a fitted studded leather vest over her tunic, and thick padded leather pants that taper all the way into her well-worn boots. She carries an ornate, possibly elfish-make, composite longbow accompanied by a large quiver on her back. Her belt is slung loosely across her body, with the gilded hilt of a dagger catching the sunlight on the lower sideā€”in perfect position to be drawn at a moment’s notice. Over her left shoulder a plain, light-weight cloak catches the breeze and flags behind her.


Shalelu lost her father when she was very young to the attack of a bugbear assassin. Her late mother was called Seanthia, who took a human, Jakardos, as a second husband whom Shalelu treated as a stepfather.

Shalelu Andosana

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