A Long Forgotten Power

Thistletopped and Sandpoint Saved
-Old Friends-

As Crust valiantly throws himself down the sacrificial pit the other remaining party members gather around the blood grate, peering down, hoping to find Jackdaw and Crust in one piece. Instead they spy the dazed warrior picking himself off the ground in the dim red glow of a glyph inscribed on the floor. No sign of the Barghest beast or Jackdaw. As the druid racks his mind to identify the arcane symbol Crust limps gingerly around the sticky blood covered floor.

Suddenly a blaze of blue fire ignites the glyph and before anyone can react a bright flash stuns the party. As the burst of light subsides they see a wizened old man in mage attire standing in the room looking about expectantly a gnarled and gem topped staff at the ready.

Myriad lets out a astonished gasp as she recognizes Yoren, her former teacher of the Arcane arts.

“Thank god I found you!” Yoren exclaims, spotting Myriad above.
“Come down here child, I must have words with you and time is short. Oh nevermind! I’ll come up there. Join me warrior” Yoren says clasping a hand upon Crusts shoulder, and in a blink they vanish only to appear a moment later above ground.

As Crust shakes off the disorientation of teleporting, grumbling something under his breath about presumptuous wizards, Yoren wraps Myriad in a fatherly hug and then introduces himself to the assembly.

“My name is Archmage Yoren Falsteade. I have been trying to scry you for sometime now and was worried when I lost contact as you entered thistletop. This place is an ancient Runelord fortress that almost entirely collapsed into the sea at the great Thassilonian empire’s fall. Apparently some of their powerful magics are still active.” he says with a concerned pause “Not until Lamashtu’s pet gated home was I able to breach the protections here.”

“My fellow scholars and I have been researching the ancient Runelords for a long time and so much remains a mystery to us still, however we have cause for concern. It seems their power is creeping back into this world. From where or by whom we do not know. That sinwell you found under Sandpoint was one of several that have become active across this land. It does not bode well. We will be keeping and eye on your progress and we, I ask that you take great caution moving forward. Powerful players are a foot and yet are keeping well hidden. Please find out all you can about what is happening. Meet me at the Salty Sea Pig tavern in Magnimar in one month so that we can discuss this further. Before I go however, I have brought some gifts from our Enclave. Use them wisely for they are powerful… and expensive…”

Yoren turns to the Cleric, “Sayuri, your sister sends her regards and a family heirloom to aid you upon your quest. She wishes you good luck in your adventures.”

Yoren then pulls a cloth bag from insides his robes and begins pulling out several large chests. Each emblazoned with glowing runes that float and coalesce into a single party members name when looked at.

“Please, find your respective box. When you are finished in this fortress return here and speak the place you’d wish to return and this planar glyph will teleport everything in this room to that location. Now I’m sorry to make this short but I must attend other matters.”

And with another flash of blue fire and light, Yoren is gone.
Inside each of the various boxes you find the following:


Invisibility Sphere {3rd/7th}
Wall of Fire {4th/7th}
Rod of Thunderous Force
Bracers of Armor +2


Searing Light {3rd/7th}
Protection from Energy {3rd/7th}
Baneful (Aberrant) Light Repeating Crossbow +1
Banded Mail of Luck +2


Balanced Leaf Armor +1
Incandescent Blue Sphere
Sandals of Quick Reaction
A mysterious note.


Heart seeking Composite Short bow +1
Belt of Giant Strength +2
Buckler +1
Horseshoes of a Zephyr

Bonebreaker Gauntlets
Mighty Cleaving Falchion +1
Jaunt Boots

Gloves, Quick fingers
Stalker’s Mask
Duelist’s Vambraces

Ring of Feather Falling
Potion of Shillelagh {1st/7st}
Potion of Keen Edge {3rd/5th}
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds {3rd/5th}

Heroes to the Rescue
The Glassworks and what lies beneath...


After our tenacious Heroes returned to the Rusty Dragon tavern, riding high on the elation of Victory over the corrupted Jibrayl, they convened with the remaining town leaders. In appreciation of all the they had done the Mayor declared the Swallowtail Festival which was to commemorate the new church will also honor the town’s saviors!

In the intervening few days the group of Adventurers made themselves known around the town. Accepting the praise lauded upon them with a mixture of humility and arrogant pride, depending upon who of our group was the recipient. The attentions were more than welcomed from some, such as the Cleric, who wandered off with a comely and buxom local girl to solve a ‘Rat Problem’ in her family’s basement. Fortunately, when her and the woman’s adventurous quest was interrupted by an irate father, her training in the divine arts proved advantageous! She calmed the man and managed to slip away un-accosted.

Calamity struck the day of the Festival. The joyous and high spirited atmosphere of the town’s revelry was shattered by a massive goblin attack on the town. It was chaos in the streets! Luckily these were goblins so they succeeded in hurting more of themselves than townfolk before our Heroes and the city guard could rout the little bastards. The town’s population of stray dogs was greatly diminished afterwards.

One of the many folk rescued from the green faced menace was a Lord Aldern Foxglove from the North. He was most gracious and genuinely inquisitive. He asked about the group and their adventures. Even going so far as to invite the party on a Boar hunt. Which they may have joined him on if it weren’t for the offensive interruption of their celebratory dinner by the Tavern Keep’s own father! Who barged into the establishment full foul words and spiteful anger. Managing to rile up our beloved and slow to anger warrior Crust. Thankfully for those around Ameiko Kaijitsu, proprietor, appeared from the kitchen to defuse the situation.
She and her Father shared some heated words, it was clear he didn’t approve of her adventuring lifestyle and tried to drag her home by force. No mewling babe but a formidable fighter in her own right, Ameiko struck her dad soundly with a soup ladle sending him off in a bruised and battered huff.

Our party was awoken the next day by a frail and fraught woman rapping persistently on the doors leading to each room. Once awoken she tearfully spilled her story, she noticed the absence of the Inn Keep Amieko in the morning and went to her room to investigate. Upon arriving she discovered the place in disarray and a crumpled piece of parchment shed some light on the situation. It seems Amieko received a letter from her estranged brother Tselu. The old woman elaborated on the ‘no good nature’ of the young man and pleads with the group that they go to the Glassworks where the letter indicated the siblings would be meeting.

Not about to turn a blind eye to someone that has shown them great courtesy and kindness they packed quickly and set off across town. When they neared the factory things seems disturbingly quiet. The neighbors upon questioning said they assumed the family was undertaking a new and serious glassworks endeavor. Not unusual to find the factory in a state of eerie idleness but the Heroes felt something was clearly amiss.

Finding no one about the premises and the windows curtained they forced their way into the rear service entrance. Drawn through the factory by the sounds of the furnace and various glass shattering they charged into a grisly scene. The workers had been brutally murdered and reveling in their carnage was a band of raucous Goblins. Becoming quite proficient at dispatching these particular humanoids, this time proved no different. As they surveyed the remains of the factory floor their eyes were drawn to a particularly grotesque work of Goblin art. Ameiko and Tselu’s father and Patriarch of the Kaijitsu family sat in a ornate chair his body encased in layers of glass. Unclear as to whether he was alive for such agony it is only clear that he has long since left this mortal plane.

With renewed haste they searched through the factory hoping to avoid finding Ameiko in a similar state as her Father. What they found instead was the Brother, Tselu. Eager to be gone from the area but unfortunately our heroes stood between him and his escape. With out even so much as a How Do Ya Do?, Tselu began laying into those nearby his feet and hands a blur. However, even with his keen athletic and martial prowess he was no match for six armed and angered adventurers. Giving our heroes no option but to end his manic attacks permanently. When they searched his person and private office they found disheartening news. Tselu spoke of a beautiful and powerful cleric that had bound the nearby goblin tribes to her will from her steadfast in the Thistletop Island fortress. Gleaning any information they could from his love sick and fawning adoration for this woman they managed learned some very valuable things. This woman of divine power is attempting to corrupt her own celestial heritage into something much more sinister and she is using the town of Sandpoint as a catalyst in her unholy transformation. There were plans for a vastly larger and deadlier goblin assault upon the town as well as sketches in Tselu’s hand of this fallen beauty. Who appears to be none other than the presumed dead daughter of the former town minister! What could have happened to drive her to such monstrous deeds?

In more fortunate findings they discovered Ameiko unconscious and battered but otherwise healthy in the room nearby. She was overcome with grief at the sight of her dead brother but explained to the party that Tselu had tried to enlist her aid with some grand scheme and when she refused him he lashed out violently and locked her away. Before tearfully retreating to her Inn she promises the party room and board for life at the Rusty Dragon.

To ensure that no other dangers lurked in the desolate Glassworks factory the adventurers continued exploring. They came across a hastily deconstructed wall, revealing a downward sloping tunnel leading deeper into the ground. In the first cave like opening they stumbled across a grotesque and mal formed demon creature, called a Sinspawn. Fashioned via dark magic as a living and hungry manifestation of a particular Sin. Our heroes, having had their mettle tested repeatedly these last few weeks, proved more than a match for the lone creature.

Around the corner of this subterranean pathway lay another crumbled wall, this one opening into an ancient foyer. Marking this room there stood a red marble statue of a strikingly beautiful but, at the same time, monstrously enraged human woman standing in the middle of this room, her stony expression twisted in fury. The woman wore a flowing robe, and her long hair was held back from her face by an intricate headdress of hooks and blades. In her
left hand she carried a large book, the face of which is inscribed with a seven-pointed star. Her right hand held a glittering metal-and-ivory ranseur.

The knowledgeable wizard was able to identify the strange woman as an Ancient Runelord, called Alaznist. As she elucidated with what little information she had on the Runelords, she felt it was apparent that this was the entry way to a former arcane research facility. Lore and rumors spoke of many such redoubts spread throughout the land. Most were utterly destroyed when the Runelord society crumbled.

As they cautiously explored the ancient ruins they discovered that it wasn’t as abandoned as they might’ve hoped. They fought through more of the deranged Sinspawn and even encountered a insane and mutated Goblin, monstrously deformed and huge (for a goblin) it clutched weapons in clawed hands at the end of each of it’s three arms! Heroically defeated by our intrepid adventurers! Battered and bruised but still fighting strong they pushed forward into what was clearly a inner Temple. There they encountered a tiny and irritating quazit demon that flitted about the room trying to end the parties lives. It was almost laughable in her attempts to bring them down. Once swatted, the party discovered the true menace. An ancient Sinwell was constructed within. A arcane focus designed to harness the sins of those living in the area, particularly Wrath, and form legions of Sinspawn from it’s condensation.

After several hours of mystical and spiritual inquiry the magic wielders in the party managed to shut down the well and end the potential threat to Sandpoint’s citizens.

Now they hasten to Thistletop in order to thwart the corrupted Aasimar Nualia and her attempts to use the massacre of Sandpoint to complete her transformation into a demonic monster!

Jibrayl Must Die

Our enthusiastic Heroes having cut a swath of destruction through the mobs hindering their advance on Jibrayl now stand before the doors of the town Garrison.

Steeling themselves for the fight they know they will find within, the town guard and former adventurer Crust bravely throws open the massive doors of the building, revealing a majestic foyer quite ostentatious for a barracks. Little time to appreciate the extravagance though for in the hall stands a decrepit and sinister man. His cowl hides little of his haggard, aged face in the bright light of the room. Flanked on either side by what remains of his loyal entourage of corrupted city watchman he looses a phlegm filled cackle of insanity. Raising his hand he points a long nailed finger at the warrior in the doorway. FOOLS! He cries out. YOU HAVE MEDDLED IN AFFAIRS IN WHICH YOU KNOW NOTHING! NOW YOU WILL MEET YOUR DOOM! and with a angry flick of his wrist he sends a ball of dark coruscating energy at our fighter, striking him in the chest.

Crust sags under the weight of dark energy as his life force seeps from him. He cries out fiercely in rage, shaking the lethargy from his limbs and move to intercept the nearest bodyguard charging at them.

As more of the Heroes rush into the main room, two of the four bodyguards, these wielding deadly heavy crossbows, take aim at the entrance. Crust quickly engages the longsword wielding foe charging in but another makes a run at Sayuri and Myriad as they step into the threshold.

The Cleric pauses in her languid arrival onto the scene, takes a moment to appraise the situation. Eyebrows raise bemusedly at the rushing guard and just as the guard has them in range of his sweeping strike, Sayuri dismissively waves her hand, eyes burning with divine wrath and says “Hush Now Boy”

A nearly invisible wave of energy is sent from her hand and the guard collapses face first, with the satisfying sound of a wet bag of meat hitting the stone floor. His body sliding ungracefully to her feet, the sound of contented snoring heralding the success of her sleep spell.

Myriad nods in approval at the cleric’s skill but chooses something a little more flashy. She lets loose with an arcane force missile, the weaving orbs of arcane energy weave through the chaos of combat and strike Jibrayl in the chest and causing him to stagger and snarl.

Jackdaw slips into the corner, taking cover behind one of the looming pillars but it offers little in the way of resistance as Jibrayl casts another spell. This one hits the Rogue with all the terrors his mind can imagine, which is substantial in the darkness that is Jackdaw’s psyche. The fight goes out of him and he wants nothing to do with Jibrayl any longer.

Our guest Hero Aloysius Tiddlewack VII has joined the fray, using his druidic magic to shrink himself down he uses he small form to hurry past the other Heroes, unleashing his own arcane talents as he moves, filling his hands with fire. Recognizing that Jibrayl is a prime target and perhaps hoping that the other four guards are under the influence of the antagonists mind control he moves to directly confront the insane villain.
Sending streaking fireballs from his hands to pierce Jibrayl defenses. A few manage to score hits igniting bits and pieces of Jibrayls cloak, causing the obsidian eyed bastard to scream in rage. Jibrayl counters by slamming a hand to the amulet around his neck, which responds with a blinding flash of light and a rippling wave of necrotic energy rolls through the room. This time stealing life from more than just the warrior Crust.

Unfortunately for the diminutive druid the crossbow wielding guards have gone unengaged and the first of which lets loose a bolt. The heavy snap-twang of the cumbersome device is the first sound of trouble, followed immediately by searing pain as the bolt buries itself into Tiddlewack’s shoulder, hitting so hard that it nearly passes through, instead lodging excruciatingly in his scapula. The second ranged aggressor looses upon Crust, engaged in fierce melee combat with his cohort. Fortunately the battle trained reflexes of the fighter has him shift his stance at the sound of crossbows being fired and he is able to mitigate much of the powerful shot by taking it on his armor.

Jackdaw claws his way free of his mind’s tormenting demons and gets his first understanding of arcane Fear spells. Cursing at his weakness he vows to be more prepared for such antics next time. Filling with internal rage at his failure he seeks out a target to redeem himself. From out of the shadow of the pillar he slides up behind the guard fighting Crust and runs his rapier up into the torso of the unsuspecting foe, while simultaneously bringing his dagger around and leaving a blossoming red line across the man’s neck as he slits his throat. Feeling much more himself, he quickly looks around for another target, his bloodlust not yet sated.

The Wizard stands in the doorway watching the dozing guard slowly stirring awake. Hesitant to waste more of her precious spell components she opts for a more mundane way to dispatch the waking enemy. Although she finds such methods distasteful, she draws her dagger and pokes awkwardly at the man’s body. The Cleric watches besides her, amused. Sayuri stifles a laugh at the mage, lifting her wineskin for a much needed refreshment. she mumbles something incoherent almost as an after thought and sends out her own rolling wave of energy, this one healing her injured companions,

Crust believing the situation to be in their favor moves to assist Tiddlewack engaging Jibrayl, wiping the arterial blood from his eyes he introduces the decrepit villian to his greatsword. With probing slashes, he seeks defensive weakness, Crust grins like a maniac suddenly, swinging his greatsword in a grand arc and cleaving into the torso of Jibrayl. Jibrayl is unprepared for the speed that such a beast man can swing so large a weapon and coughs blood through gritted teeth. Ribs clearly broken. He slumps to the ground. Not finished yet he reminds the party of his potency by unleashing another wave dark life stealing energy. Causing the fire and sword wielding duo to reel back.

Tiddlewack once again spies the flash of energy emanating from the amulet around Jibrayls neck and quickly draws his pickax. In a hopeful maneuver attempts to rip it from the cackling fiend’s body, to no success.

Meanwhile, Jackdaw takes a crossbow bolt glancing off his leather armor. Smiling menacingly as he has found his new target and darts forward to engage the ranged combatant in close quarters.

Seeing that he will not have time to reload his crossbow in time to launch an additional shot at the rapidly approaching rogue, the guard abandons the contraption and attempts to pull his long sword from it’s sheath.

Not fast enough.

The Dexterous rogue is fast upon the guard in a whirlwind of steel and death. A Few short breaths later and the guard is lying at his feet. Blood pooling fast from the dozens of cuts inflicted by the duel wielding thief.

Near the door the Wizard and Cleric begin to take a little more concern in the returning consciousness of the sleeping guardsman. Sayuri draws her rapier as well and almost mockingly pokes at the guard in much the same manner as Myriad. A comical scene of two women trying to shoo away a gross and obnoxious pest. Wanting it gone but concerned about getting dirty in the process.

The last guardsman in fighting condition tries to hastily fire at the women in the doorway but in his distressed state at the bad turn of events for his party does not place his shot well and his bolt thunks into the heavy oaken doors.

Crust sees Jackdaw dispatch another townguard with ease. Instead of taking umbrage at the rogue’s disdain for his former coworker’s lives, Crust remembers the last time that guard bastard took his money gambling. Dismissing his death as justice for succumbing to Jibrayls influence in the first place.

However the fighter does not want another combatant to fall that isn’t to his own cleaving great sword so in a flurry of blows he again weakens Jibrayls magic defense and thrusts his blade deep into the evil creatures torso. Taking only small pleasure in seeing the light drain from his eyes.

With the major threat taken care of the party makes short work mopping up the remaining guards. Even taking the time to stabilize the few who can be saved.

In those intervening moments the rogue attempts to relieve the dead Jibrayl of his fine looking amulet and is rewarded with a shocking blast of foul energy. Sending Jackdaw reeling. In response to the removal the amulet’s gem begins flashing. Steadily increasing in speed and intensity.

The urban druid concerned that he wasn’t able to get a good look at the piece warns the party that nothing good can come from the scene before them. Urging the group to find cover.

As party members attempt to heed the Druid’s advice the fighter recognizes that they don’t all have enough time to flee and places himself strategically between the amulet and those less physically robust.

In a blinding flash of magical energy the amulet explodes accompanied by the high pitched wail of some arcane force, which fades quickly as sight and sound return to the adventurers.

Crust took the brunt of the explosion, pieces of gold have embedded themselves across his torso. Nearly everyone took a shard or two. Except the rogue. Jackdaw be nimble. Jackdaw be quick.

To Be Continued….

The Final Move?

The Assault:

With Jibrayl revealed as the corrupting influence within Sandpoint and his plans of subtle subversion cast to the winds by our tenacious Heroes, he adopts a more direct tactic and is attempting to seize the town by force. Calling upon a nearby tribe of Goblins to supplement his cadre of Thugs and ensorcelled City Guards, he launches an all out attack upon the townsfolk.

The streets have been emptied as the citizens hide within their homes. Roving bands of Goblins and Thugs patrol seeking our Heroes or any who would oppose the new leadership.

The Rusty Dragon:

Within the confines of The Rusty Dragon tavern the brave and bold talk strategy. An unusual base of operations but safe for the time being. Hoping to thwart this evil that has descended upon them, the prominent townsfolk implore our rag tag group of would-be Heroes to seek out Jibrayl and end this conflict.

Keen to see this endeavor through to the end they accept the task thrust upon them. Their motivations are as varied as they are. Some seek to carve themselves into the annals of History, unhappy with being sent into the Lair of a Dragon some seek vengeance and it’s reward, rarer still are those few who wish only to help those in need.

Whatever end goal each individual has in mind is bolstered by the hope reflected in the eyes of those around them. Pleading to deliver them from Jibrayl and his dark power.

To reach Jibrayl they must get to the town garrison where he’s holed up. To reach the garrison they must fight through the bands of an all too eager enemy.

As the Heroes gather to depart the tavern Sheriff Hemlock places a hand on Jackdaw, halting the party and drawing a glare from the rogue. He asks them to spare the mind controlled City Guardsmen. Their actions are not their own and rendering them unconscious would break the power Jibrayl has over them he pleads. Jackdaw tugs his hood lower concealing his features in shadow, “We’ll see” is his response as he shrugs off the Sheriff’s hand from his shoulder.

The towering warrior Crust turns from the window, his gravelly voice breaks the tension between the thief and the lawman, “We’ve got company”

Thier bastion discovered, Jibrayl’s henchmen have come barreling down the city streets.

Without another word Crust pulls his great sword from his back and steps out to greet them. A gleaming smile upon his face, followed quickly by Jackdaw who slips out, skirting the tavern wall.

Before the rest of the party embraces fate the Sheriff makes one more attempt to sway the remaining party members to spare the guards. Even the Mayor chimes in with an offer of gold for each man returned from Jibrayl’s influence.

The others leave quickly offering no words of solace although a look of pity appears on the arcane apprentice’s face as she glaces back, seeming hesitant to leave the bar without saying something, anything, to lift the spirits of the beleaguered within. Instead she turns away, the beginnings of an arcane spell upon her lips and shimmering energy coalescing about her body.

Street Fighters:

The ensuing melee is fierce. Punctuated by the shrill cry of dying goblins and groans of slain thugs. Our heroes makes quick work of those surrounding the tavern front but more enemies can be heard from further up the thoroughfare.

Mirindala searches amongst the goblin bodies for spent arrows, pragmatically replenishing her supply. However upon finding only blackened and featherless ammo amidst the carnage of charred bodies she shoots an irritated glace at Myriad. The Arcanist pauses from spellbook contemplation and surveys the area, being quite pleased at the efficacy of her Searing Hands spell the young mage catches the glare from Mirindala as she looks around, only offering the Elf a helpless shrug.

Crust looms next to Sayuri who is swinging her holy symbol about with one hand while the other grasps her wineskin. Words of supplication only slight slurred from the alcohol are spoken and a wave of healing light washes out from her.
She exclaims triumphantly.
“Begone Boo Boo’s!” “My god is all powerful and what not, blah blah, you know the drill” She trails off distractedly. Trying to determine why her wineskin feels light, seeing the deep purple stains on Crust’s leggings she saunters off before the burly man beast notices.

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Black Fang's Dungeon
Who Gets the Loot?

Five adventurers have answered the Mayor’s call to track and slay the beast known as Black Fang which has been terrorizing the town of Sandpoint. When they arrived to the caverns entrance they found that the acid-melted, stone statue was not the only guardian. They were promptly attacked by two goblins who had been hiding behind a thick mossy curtain of vegetation hanging over the cave’s entrance. The the battle was brief, they each were able to demonstrate their combat abilities. There was no dead-weight in the group. Once inside, however, they came to find that if they were going to work together in this task, they’d need to find a better way to communicate. A small chest was lying between a couple of straw mats that the goblins had been using for their beds. Jackdaw was able to promptly open the locked chest, which began a 10 minute argument between Sayuri, Myriad, Mirindala, and Jackdaw. While these four were bickering over who should get what, Crust was at the north end of the room. Even over the ruckus the others were making he was able to discern that they were not alone in this cave.


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