Aloysius Tiddlewack VII

A squirrely old half-elf obsessed with gems and stories of his youth.


Orphaned around the age of 6, the young half-elf was warded by a wealthy Halfling Alchemist of notoriety in the city of Magnimar. His name being unknown at the time he was given the name of Aloysius Tiddlewack VII, after his guardian, Aloysius Tiddlewack VI. The halfling was proud of his craft and with good reason, he was the second best Alchemist in the entire region—or so he called himself—in reality he was probably about the eighth-best on a good day, and out of the running otherwise. Aloysius VII had a voracious curiosity and stole potions to shrink himself down in order to watch his guardian unnoticed. Aloysius VI always noticed of course, if there was one thing a halfling knew how to do, it was inventory. When Aloysius VII was around 11, the alchemist decided that the interest was strong enough to let his ward apprentice in the craft. They had covered only basic theory before Aloysius VI became deathly ill. The lessons continued for awhile, but after only a year of study, Aloysius was orphaned again.

Having no other family, Aloysius VI left everything he owned to the young orphan, who was only just approaching 14 years of age. Aloysius studied at night and worked during the day, sleeping only a few hours a night, but try as he might, the business soon failed, and without an income he was unable to maintain the extravagant home of his brief childhood.

Living in the streets suited Aloysius, though. He was resourceful, quick-witted, and wise beyond his years. His affinity for the city, and especially it’s native inhabitants gained him notoriety as a sort of animal whisperer. He was sought after on numerous occasions to sort out a sick horse, or a sudden rat infestation. As his experience grew, Aloysius found that he had begun to draw out the magic that was inherent in nature. The earth, air, water, and other natural elements seemed to submit to his will. The more he drew on this power, the more he realized he did not yet understand. Working with nature in this way instilled in him a sense of balance – one cannot give to another without first taking something away. The earth provided significant inspiration. He was fascinated by hewn stone, or the way that veins of ore would distribute themselves. But nothing compared to his fascination with the formation of crystals. His fascination eventually caused him to leave Magnimar for the wider world. He adventured far and wide for many years studying and acquiring various precious gemstones.

He eventually found himself in the company of Divining Wizard and a sly, cautious, and skilled adventurer with similar aspirations. Though he was their senior by many years, he found that his youthful spirit far outstripped theirs. The young wizard, Yoren, described to them a society of which his father, who disappeared suddenly one night, had been a member. The Seven Heads of Fate was not unknown to Aloysius. He had encountered their kind before while searching for a great blue sapphire said to be the length of a man’s arm, and twice as tall. They always seemed to appear suddenly after strange events, they’d ask a few questions, and vanish just as suddenly.

The adventurers parted ways, promising to meet again someday. It was a few years later when Aloysius was nearing 40 years old that he received a letter for Yoren. He begged Aloysius to join him in the mountains east of the Storval Plateau. He described a strange event that had occurred which involved “…the most unusual gemstone I have ever seen.” Before Aloysius had even finished reading the letter, there was a knock on his door. A youthful woman stood front of him, and behind her were two very well-groomed steeds.

“He said you’d be ready to go. These were the fastest I could find.”

Without hesitation, Aloysius gathered his things and they left within the hour.

They arrived a few weeks later, and as soon as Aloysius dismounted, he found himself in the embrace of a much older Yoren than he remembered. Had it been that long?

“Ilsoari is here too. I need to speak with you both.”

Through the course of their conversation, Yoren revealed that he had found The Seven Heads of Fate, and consequently joined their ranks, following his father’s footsteps. He had learned through them that his father had died during the retrieval of a particularly dangerous artifact. The topic quickly shifted to the issue at hand. He asked them both if they would be willing to join the society, claiming that it was for the protection of all of Varisia and beyond. He had recommended them both for initiation several times, and had finally been approved. They agreed and were initiated that night in an elaborate ceremony. They learned that as Initiates, they were considered specialists in their fields, Ilsoari in artifact acquisition and containment, and Aloysius in composition analysis and threat assessment.

Their adventuring spirits rejuvenated, they spent several more years operating as Initiates of the Seven Heads of Fate. Yoren continued his advancement in the society, while Ilsoari and Aloysius were content with the rush of a new artifact. Yoren ceased to travel with them, and instead became their contact within the society. His usual light-hearted spirit soon began to turn serious.

Over the course of the years, the three drifted apart, Aloysius was asked to station himself in Magnimar permanently where he was provided everything he would need to perform his duties. Ilsoari, tiring of the adventure, retired to Sandpoint, where he became quite a celebrity. Soon though, communications from Yoren stopped altogether, and after 2 years Aloysius gave up hope that he might see his old friend again.

Aloysius Tiddlewack VII

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