A Long Forgotten Power

Thistletopped and Sandpoint Saved

-Old Friends-

As Crust valiantly throws himself down the sacrificial pit the other remaining party members gather around the blood grate, peering down, hoping to find Jackdaw and Crust in one piece. Instead they spy the dazed warrior picking himself off the ground in the dim red glow of a glyph inscribed on the floor. No sign of the Barghest beast or Jackdaw. As the druid racks his mind to identify the arcane symbol Crust limps gingerly around the sticky blood covered floor.

Suddenly a blaze of blue fire ignites the glyph and before anyone can react a bright flash stuns the party. As the burst of light subsides they see a wizened old man in mage attire standing in the room looking about expectantly a gnarled and gem topped staff at the ready.

Myriad lets out a astonished gasp as she recognizes Yoren, her former teacher of the Arcane arts.

“Thank god I found you!” Yoren exclaims, spotting Myriad above.
“Come down here child, I must have words with you and time is short. Oh nevermind! I’ll come up there. Join me warrior” Yoren says clasping a hand upon Crusts shoulder, and in a blink they vanish only to appear a moment later above ground.

As Crust shakes off the disorientation of teleporting, grumbling something under his breath about presumptuous wizards, Yoren wraps Myriad in a fatherly hug and then introduces himself to the assembly.

“My name is Archmage Yoren Falsteade. I have been trying to scry you for sometime now and was worried when I lost contact as you entered thistletop. This place is an ancient Runelord fortress that almost entirely collapsed into the sea at the great Thassilonian empire’s fall. Apparently some of their powerful magics are still active.” he says with a concerned pause “Not until Lamashtu’s pet gated home was I able to breach the protections here.”

“My fellow scholars and I have been researching the ancient Runelords for a long time and so much remains a mystery to us still, however we have cause for concern. It seems their power is creeping back into this world. From where or by whom we do not know. That sinwell you found under Sandpoint was one of several that have become active across this land. It does not bode well. We will be keeping and eye on your progress and we, I ask that you take great caution moving forward. Powerful players are a foot and yet are keeping well hidden. Please find out all you can about what is happening. Meet me at the Salty Sea Pig tavern in Magnimar in one month so that we can discuss this further. Before I go however, I have brought some gifts from our Enclave. Use them wisely for they are powerful… and expensive…”

Yoren turns to the Cleric, “Sayuri, your sister sends her regards and a family heirloom to aid you upon your quest. She wishes you good luck in your adventures.”

Yoren then pulls a cloth bag from insides his robes and begins pulling out several large chests. Each emblazoned with glowing runes that float and coalesce into a single party members name when looked at.

“Please, find your respective box. When you are finished in this fortress return here and speak the place you’d wish to return and this planar glyph will teleport everything in this room to that location. Now I’m sorry to make this short but I must attend other matters.”

And with another flash of blue fire and light, Yoren is gone.
Inside each of the various boxes you find the following:


Invisibility Sphere {3rd/7th}
Wall of Fire {4th/7th}
Rod of Thunderous Force
Bracers of Armor +2


Searing Light {3rd/7th}
Protection from Energy {3rd/7th}
Baneful (Aberrant) Light Repeating Crossbow +1
Banded Mail of Luck +2


Balanced Leaf Armor +1
Incandescent Blue Sphere
Sandals of Quick Reaction
A mysterious note.


Heart seeking Composite Short bow +1
Belt of Giant Strength +2
Buckler +1
Horseshoes of a Zephyr

Bonebreaker Gauntlets
Mighty Cleaving Falchion +1
Jaunt Boots

Gloves, Quick fingers
Stalker’s Mask
Duelist’s Vambraces

Ring of Feather Falling
Potion of Shillelagh {1st/7st}
Potion of Keen Edge {3rd/5th}
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds {3rd/5th}


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