A Long Forgotten Power

The Final Move?

The Assault:

With Jibrayl revealed as the corrupting influence within Sandpoint and his plans of subtle subversion cast to the winds by our tenacious Heroes, he adopts a more direct tactic and is attempting to seize the town by force. Calling upon a nearby tribe of Goblins to supplement his cadre of Thugs and ensorcelled City Guards, he launches an all out attack upon the townsfolk.

The streets have been emptied as the citizens hide within their homes. Roving bands of Goblins and Thugs patrol seeking our Heroes or any who would oppose the new leadership.

The Rusty Dragon:

Within the confines of The Rusty Dragon tavern the brave and bold talk strategy. An unusual base of operations but safe for the time being. Hoping to thwart this evil that has descended upon them, the prominent townsfolk implore our rag tag group of would-be Heroes to seek out Jibrayl and end this conflict.

Keen to see this endeavor through to the end they accept the task thrust upon them. Their motivations are as varied as they are. Some seek to carve themselves into the annals of History, unhappy with being sent into the Lair of a Dragon some seek vengeance and it’s reward, rarer still are those few who wish only to help those in need.

Whatever end goal each individual has in mind is bolstered by the hope reflected in the eyes of those around them. Pleading to deliver them from Jibrayl and his dark power.

To reach Jibrayl they must get to the town garrison where he’s holed up. To reach the garrison they must fight through the bands of an all too eager enemy.

As the Heroes gather to depart the tavern Sheriff Hemlock places a hand on Jackdaw, halting the party and drawing a glare from the rogue. He asks them to spare the mind controlled City Guardsmen. Their actions are not their own and rendering them unconscious would break the power Jibrayl has over them he pleads. Jackdaw tugs his hood lower concealing his features in shadow, “We’ll see” is his response as he shrugs off the Sheriff’s hand from his shoulder.

The towering warrior Crust turns from the window, his gravelly voice breaks the tension between the thief and the lawman, “We’ve got company”

Thier bastion discovered, Jibrayl’s henchmen have come barreling down the city streets.

Without another word Crust pulls his great sword from his back and steps out to greet them. A gleaming smile upon his face, followed quickly by Jackdaw who slips out, skirting the tavern wall.

Before the rest of the party embraces fate the Sheriff makes one more attempt to sway the remaining party members to spare the guards. Even the Mayor chimes in with an offer of gold for each man returned from Jibrayl’s influence.

The others leave quickly offering no words of solace although a look of pity appears on the arcane apprentice’s face as she glaces back, seeming hesitant to leave the bar without saying something, anything, to lift the spirits of the beleaguered within. Instead she turns away, the beginnings of an arcane spell upon her lips and shimmering energy coalescing about her body.

Street Fighters:

The ensuing melee is fierce. Punctuated by the shrill cry of dying goblins and groans of slain thugs. Our heroes makes quick work of those surrounding the tavern front but more enemies can be heard from further up the thoroughfare.

Mirindala searches amongst the goblin bodies for spent arrows, pragmatically replenishing her supply. However upon finding only blackened and featherless ammo amidst the carnage of charred bodies she shoots an irritated glace at Myriad. The Arcanist pauses from spellbook contemplation and surveys the area, being quite pleased at the efficacy of her Searing Hands spell the young mage catches the glare from Mirindala as she looks around, only offering the Elf a helpless shrug.

Crust looms next to Sayuri who is swinging her holy symbol about with one hand while the other grasps her wineskin. Words of supplication only slight slurred from the alcohol are spoken and a wave of healing light washes out from her.
She exclaims triumphantly.
“Begone Boo Boo’s!” “My god is all powerful and what not, blah blah, you know the drill” She trails off distractedly. Trying to determine why her wineskin feels light, seeing the deep purple stains on Crust’s leggings she saunters off before the burly man beast notices.


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