A Long Forgotten Power

Black Fang's Dungeon

Who Gets the Loot?

Five adventurers have answered the Mayor’s call to track and slay the beast known as Black Fang which has been terrorizing the town of Sandpoint. When they arrived to the caverns entrance they found that the acid-melted, stone statue was not the only guardian. They were promptly attacked by two goblins who had been hiding behind a thick mossy curtain of vegetation hanging over the cave’s entrance. The the battle was brief, they each were able to demonstrate their combat abilities. There was no dead-weight in the group. Once inside, however, they came to find that if they were going to work together in this task, they’d need to find a better way to communicate. A small chest was lying between a couple of straw mats that the goblins had been using for their beds. Jackdaw was able to promptly open the locked chest, which began a 10 minute argument between Sayuri, Myriad, Mirindala, and Jackdaw. While these four were bickering over who should get what, Crust was at the north end of the room. Even over the ruckus the others were making he was able to discern that they were not alone in this cave.


AndrewKlein AndrewKlein

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